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For decades far-right extremists have used well-worn symbols like the swastika and the white cross to signify their affiliation to racist causes.

His mother would hide from his father to avoid being beaten when he came home drunk but music pervaded the family’s life, as Rafferty assimilated Catholic hymns, traditional Irish and Scottish folk music, 1950s pop and even the Irish rebel tunes his deaf father bellowed.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) deputy tax commissioner Michael Cranston’s son, Adam Cranston, was arrested in Sydney yesterday as part of an Australian Federal Police (AFP) sting.

Michael Cranston, who police say may have been unaware he was entangled in the activities of others, has been issued with a court attendance notice.

"I'm Billy Connolly and I'm humble." Then he'd point at his partner Rafferty and let audiences enjoy the unspoken punchline.

They had first met at an Orange Lodge gig, as Rafferty recalled: "It was a bit ironic since Billy and I are of Irish Catholic descent. After gigs we'd go to crazy parties full of heavy-duty characters carrying knives." Rafferty recorded two albums with the Humblebums (The New Humbelbums and Open the Door) but the pair parted when it became clear that Connolly’s ambitions lay in comedy. “When I did a solo piece, just voice and acoustic guitar, Billy would walk off stage.

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